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Lichtenberger Homes Chicago
"We have had scores of people stop and ask who built this house. Recently, an awards committee for builders showed up for a tour. Most notably, however, the independent building inspectorassigned by the title company went out of his way to call me and indicate that in 30 years of inspecting constructionprojects that he had never seen a house built to the level of this quality. That is Joe Lichtenberger in anutshell. He pays attention to the minutest details and requires perfection from everyone on the job."
-- Bryan K. Foy
Lichtenberger Homes Chicago
"The quality of construction and attention to detail is what sets our home apart from other newly constructed homes. From neighbors to building inspectors, Lichtenberger Development Corporation is well known for this and has lived up to it again. Our constant communication and your availability was very reassuring. We also
believe this averted potential problems and mistakes before they happened."
-- Daniel and Jill McCormack
Lichtenberger Homes Chicago
"The workmanship and the quality in which you build is really excellent. It is good to know that there are people who really care and take pride in their work. It was a pleasure doing business with you, and would be happy to recommend you to anyone."
-- Dee Heard
Lichtenberger Homes Chicago
"In July of 1997 I broke ground for a new house that I had hired a builder to build for me. In the middle of 1998 that builder went bankrupt, leaving a handful of angry subcontractors (not to mention me!). Joe was able to sort through the messiness of the uncompleted job and managing the subcontractors. He brought in some of his own subs, along with a handful of the subs that were shorted as a result of the bankruptcy. Because of the quality of his
workers and the way Joe kept his eye on the work, the house was finished beautifully. The attention to deatil that he and his crew insisted on was amazing!"
-- John G. Stob, Jr.
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