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Lichtenberger Homes Chicago
We understand that whether you are opting for home renovation in Hinsdale, River Forest home building, or any kind of remodeling or additions on your Chicago area home, you’re facing a big decision. In addition to the planning stages, any custom home renovations are going to require an investment of your family’s time.

That’s why we encourage you to contact us no matter what stage in the decision-making process you are. We’re happy to provide answers to your initial questions, point you toward referrals and testimonials from our satisfied clientele, or simply to walk you through the process of custom building work.

Luxury Homes Built Around You
Our team of expert designers and craftsman know that when you put your home in our hands, there’s a large amount of trust involved. Not only are you placing your private residence in our keeping, but you look to us to ensure that no detail is overlooked.

We love to rise to this challenge—and it’s a task we look forward to sharing with you. For luxury home renovations in Chicago and its affluent suburbs, no one beats the Lichtenberger Homes experience. Place your home and your confidence in us, and we will ensure that your home is transformed from a simple place to live to a place where memories are made each and every day.

To inquire about our services, please complete the information below and one of our trusted representatives will respond to you shortly.
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Lichtenberger Homes Chicago
Lichtenberger Homes Chicago
We understand that renovating your home is a big decision, and one that takes the right balance of craftmanship, expertise and affordability. We offer a free consultation to give you that peace of mind.
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